Corrugated Cardboard Bale Recycling


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Turn your used cardboard into a profit. We provide OCC removal and recycling across the united states. Used box recycling pays for cardboard by the lb. Free removal and haul off for bulk amounts 

Frequently Asked OCC Recycling Questions


How many cardboard bales can fit on a truck?

Typically you can fit roughly 30 carboard bales on a standard size 53 foot trailer. This can range due to the variety of sizes that cardboard bales come in.


How much are cardboard bales worth

This depends on market conditions and the quantity generated. This can vary from region to region. It is best to get in contact with a rep for updated pricing data. 


What types of cardboard can be recycled?

We provide recycling for all types of cardboard boxes


Do i need to remove tape when baling cardboard?

No there is not need to remove the tape. This will be done by the paper mills during the recycling process


How much do we pay for OCC Recycling

This depends on the condition and the amount of OCC on site. Typically the more the better.


Do i need a baler?

Yes we can only pick up cardboard if it has been baled.

We do offer baler installations if you are in need of one.