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We have a wide range of used cardboard boxes for sale across the united states. Please give us a call to find out our current pricing and discuss your needs 

Buy Gaylord Boxes In a State Near You

How Do used Gaylord Boxes Cost ?

It can vary from state to state. There are also many differnt types of boxes. It is best to fgive us a call or email so we can provide this information to you. We also take into the volume of the order and.

Partial Flap Bottoms

Partial flaps on the bottom secure the box once it is put up. Having a partial flap on the bottom, these boxes require a separate slip sheet to cover the area in the center of the box left open by the flaps. The boxes are widely used in the plastic recycling industry. They take up little space in a truck and are a cheaper option than a full-flap box.  Extra height when stacking is why this box is a common choice of many recycling streams.

Do we also sell pallets to match the boxes

We are always happy to help with matching pallets.

How do we determine how much a box is worth?

We will take into consideration the following factors and work with you to come to a reasonable agreement 

  • Pictures of the boxes
  • Amount of boxes
  • Quality 
  • Amount per pick up
5 Wall (PLY)

5 wall or 5 ply,  Containers are made out of a corrugated fiberboard material  Corrugated cardboard. 5 ply Gaylords are designed with 5 layers of this carboard, giving them strength and reliability. They are capable of carrying well over 1500 pounds per box. 

4 Wall (PLY}

4 Wall or 4 ply Gaylords are made with  4 layers of this corrugated cardboard, making them stronger and more durable than thinner boxes.

They are capable of carrying well over 1200 pounds per box. You can fit roughly 500 boxes on a dry van truck.

3 Wall (PLY)
  • The most common dimensions are 48 x 40″ size with heights of 24, 36, and 48″.

These Boxes are 3 layers of cardboard thick 

2 Wall

2-wall Gaylord Boxes have a double layer of cardboard, for their strength and weight capacity.