Who Pays Cash For Used Cardboard Boxes Near You?

December 21, 2022

Companies that pay cash for used cardboard boxes!


Are you wondering what to do with all those extra cardboard boxes lying around your house?Is there any extra cardboard in your house after you just moved? If you bought a lot of beer for a party, perhaps you have leftover cardboard boxes?

Recycling cardboard boxes for money can be profitable for you!

Spending some time collecting cardboard will earn you money. To resell and recycle cardboard for profit, the first step is to collect cardboard boxes.Did you know that over 30 million Americans moved in 2022. Imagine how many cardboard boxes were used! In order to store all of their belongings for the move, people buy cardboard boxes from UHaul and UPS.

Most people discard or recycle their cardboard boxes after unpacking all their belongings. It would be a waste to throw these boxes away after moving when you could instead be earning some extra income.

According to the size of the box, some companies pay between 50 cents and two dollars per box. Boxes are then sold to people moving to new residences, as a profit maker. Using recycled cardboard boxes for your own profit can be as simple as reading this article.




Let me explain this business. I know it sounds strange at first, but please hear me out.

It’s amazing how many things you use cardboard boxes for yet you never give them a second thought.

It is necessary to have these items for a multitude of reasons, from storing things at home to shipping things to others or moving to a new office or home.

In preschool or kindergarten classrooms, cardboard boxes can be transformed into toys. A book sale, a donation drive, or another event sponsored by a library or community donation center might also be assisted by them.

If you gather large bundles of boxes in your community, you might be able to sell them for a reasonable profit by selling them in large bundles to people in your community who need them for various purposes.

And yes, you can absolutely start a business doing this if you know where to find a bunch of boxes and where to sell them for the best prices!

Read on to see how this side gig could turn into a lucrative business opportunity for you if it sounds interesting to you.



First and foremost, you need to collect enough boxes for sale.

Most people won’t want just a couple of boxes and selling just a few won’t make you much money either.

Boxes can be gathered in large quantities and then sold to people who need lots of them.

What are the best ways to find them and start earning money?

Recycling cardboard boxes can be done in a number of ways.

Recycling boxes can be collected at a variety of places so that you can earn enough money.

Before making money from this project, you’ll need to do some legwork.

Collecting cardboard boxes requires a great strategy.

Your Own Home


  • Taking a look around your house can be the beginning of this process.
  • Look for the largest box you can find.
  • It is easier to resell and recycle these.
  • Organize your own storage with small or tiny boxes.
  • An old wardrobe box with a metal rod is worth more than two dollars if you are able to resell it.
  • Visit your attic, basement, or garage and take a look around.
  • There will no doubt be a few extra boxes collecting space unnecessarily.
  • There can be writing on the boxes, but they should be in acceptable condition and not damaged.
  • As a result, reselling is much easier.




Check with your family and friends to see if they have any extra cardboard boxes.Before taking these boxes, make sure they are in proper condition. The majority of people will gladly help if it means they will be able to get rid of large, unwanted boxes.



There are a lot of people who want to get rid of cardboard boxes taking up space in their homes if you browse Craigslist.You’ll find free moving boxes on your local Craigslist site if you check the Free Section.There will be a free section in your city.After you search through the cardboard boxes, you can pick them up right at the curb.

used moving boxes near you

Used Moving Boxes



In an online forum developed by U-Haul, you can find the Box Exchange Program.

Through online forums, people can exchange cardboard boxes when moving.

On the forum, people also give away boxes for free.




Your local grocery store is another convenient place to find free cardboard boxes.

There are often boxes in these stores that are no longer needed. Are there any cheap grocery stores in your area, such as Savers?

There are usually plenty of cardboard boxes available for free at these stores. Having these boxes taken off their hands is a significant relief for store managers.



Our towns and cities all have local liquor stores. One of the best parts about these stores is that they often have extra cardboard boxes that are unused.

After unpacking beer, liquor and wine bottles, these boxes are often thrown in the trash. If you would prefer to pick up the cardboard boxes, you can ask the owner of your local liquor store.

It would be great to recycle them somewhere else after they’ve been taken off their hands.

Coffee shops


Many coffee shops use cardboard boxes to receive their products and shipments. Each week, they receive several shipments.Cardboard boxes are used to package most of their coffee products and food.

Get in touch with the owner or manager of Starbucks to see if they would be willing to donate these boxes.Cardboard boxes can be recycled and extra money can be earned!



Are there any bookstores in your area?Perhaps a college nearby has a bookstore? Cardboard boxes are often used to deliver books to relevant stores.

In good condition, you can find boxes in bookstores. Donate boxes whenever possible by asking the managers.


Extra cardboard boxes are often lying around in many businesses. If you’re looking for cardboard boxes to recycle, these businesses are a great source of them.

There is a need for office supplies and other products in many businesses. There are some businesses that sell their products and need to receive shipment on a regular basis. Large and sturdy cardboard boxes are often used for these shipments.

This is a great way to recycle easily and make some extra money at the same time.Look on Craigslist’s Free Section to see if any businesses are getting rid of boxes.

You can also try calling some local businesses to see if they have extra cardboard boxes they would be willing to give away. If you need cardboard boxes, call businesses in your area rather than driving long distances.

You can make anywhere from $200 to $400 if you collect up to 200 cardboard boxes.

Afterwards, you can find companies and places that want to buy used cardboard boxes. You can resell cardboard boxes if you need extra money to cover your monthly rent or if you need to take your significant other out on a fancy date.



There may not be a Goodwill or any other kind of donation center in every community, but if there is one, you should definitely check it out. It is common for these places to receive donations in boxes, especially when clothes, shoes, blankets, toys, and books are brought in.

Often, they will take in donations and toss the boxes in the back of the building until they can break them down. You might see the most boxes if you go early in the day, since donations usually pile up at this time and empty boxes begin to appear.

Before taking the boxes, check with the donation center, as with anywhere. You might be able to arrange for the center to pick up boxes for free on specific days.

Used Gaylord Boxes

Used Gaylord Boxes

Large manufacturers in your area.


This is one of the more difficult vendors to source used boxes from. Most large industrial companies do not use small moving boxes. They use gaylord boxes or bulk bins. These Gaylords are larger and much more valuable for reuse. That being said, they are also more difficult to handle. You cannot just swing by and throw them in your trunk or pick up bed. Often times they are too big and require either a box truck or 53 foot semi.

Most companies also know these boxes have value and are already selling them to recyclers in your area. Therefore, you will have to outbid their current vendor and provide reliable pick ups.



Now that you know where cardboard boxes can be collected, you might be wondering, ‘Who buys used moving boxes?’ By selling the boxes on Craigslist after collecting them, you can earn some extra money. If you are looking for boxes for moving, be sure to check out the “For Sale” section.

Certain websites, however, offer the fastest way to get paid for your cardboard boxes. Check out these websites.

Below, I’ll go more in-depth with five major websites where you can sell your large cardboard boxes for a profit:

  • ContainerExchanger.com
  • Used Box Recycling
  • ReUsed USA
  • Local recyclers

You can make at least 50 cents per box and up to $5 per large cardboard box through these websites.

We’ll talk more about recycling centers below, where you can take your cardboard boxes. Have you ever wondered which companies actually pay you for your boxes?


Used Box Recycling

In contrast to recycling boxes, which often don’t pay you to dispose of them, this site pays you for your trash. You can, instead, sell your boxes in bulk to Used Box Recycling. Local Pick Ups and Removals are available in your area.

UBR also specializes in used gaylord boxes. If you are a business in the shipping industry and have a large amount of gaylords they will pay you up to $10 per used bulk box.

You can fill out the online form, tell us about the size and type of boxes you have, and we’ll be in touch to schedule a pickup time.



Here, people can sell containers, including cardboard boxes, that need to be disposed of.You can start selling your boxes by creating a free account and posting ads. An ad you post will be seen by several of the site’s partnered retailers and manufacturers who might be interested in purchasing what you have to offer.

One less thing to worry about is marketing, since it takes care of it for you! If you list something on Container Exchange, you will be charged a commission. However, this commission will be added to the price you set.


ReUsed USA

This company specializes in buying and selling containers of all types, including cardboard boxes, ibc totes, 55 gallon drums, wooden pallets, and bulk bags. Cardboard boxes can also be purchased and sold online through ReUsed USA. Perhaps you can add low-priced boxes to your business and resell them higher!

Start listing boxes right away by creating a free account. You will be able to sell your listings immediately to your customers. The site handles most of the process, which includes marketing listings and answering customer questions. The buyer will not need to receive your boxes.

ReUsed USA provides customers with used cardboard boxes and gaylord boxes. Customers can pick up and pay for boxes at a time that is convenient for them.



Partnering with Rebox allows you to continuously sell your boxes. If you choose to partner with Rebox, it pays higher prices than average if you become a dependable partner. Complete a short online form with information about yourself and your boxes to get a quote from Rebox.

Used Shipping Boxes

Used Shipping Boxes


Are you looking for more ways to sell your boxes in bulk? Although the companies listed above are legitimate options, they might not pay the best rates for your boxes. The sites you sell your boxes to are also in business, so they will pay you less for them so they can sell them for more.

You may need to wait a little longer and do more marketing yourself if you want the best rates, but you won’t have a middleman to take commission from. You might be able to work this out in a few places:

Local recyclers or paper mills

Often times local plastic or scrap metal recyclers often have a huge need for used cardboard boxes. If you can gather a large amount of cardboard bales you can then skip the middle man and go directly to a local paper mill and they will pay you.


First of all, don’t forget your friends and family! You might know someone moving, switching jobs, or who needs cardboard boxes for some other reason in your family or circle of friends.

If you don’t ask, you’ll never know. You might find someone who would be interested if you put out a quick text.

Social media is a great way to share your stash.

You have a bunch of boxes you want to sell. Let your coworkers know. Instead of scouring every store for your boxes or paying more than what you’re selling for them, you might just find someone who will pay you for them.

Online marketplaces

By posting about their stuff in groups or on their personal profiles, Facebook has been a great way for people to find buyers for their stuff. The post can be seen by thousands to millions of people with just a few shares.

The Facebook Marketplace, however, has made selling stuff on Facebook even more worthwhile. Facebook Marketplace lets you list anything you’re selling for free with photos and a description. Your listings can even be posted on your page or shared in buying and selling groups.

You might find buyers quickly if you list your box bundles on the Marketplace! You can find boxes on Craigslist if people are giving them away, but you can also sell them here.

The only thing you need to worry about is making it worthwhile for someone who is interested in your boxes. If you want to make money off a bundle of used, somewhat damaged boxes, you should make sure that you’re offering more than they are and that they are in much better condition.

The best part about Craigslist is that it’s free to list, just like Facebook.


If you want to get rid of your boxes, you can sell them on eBay. Since the boxes will be large when broken down, you’ll probably want to use the local pickup only option to avoid having to ship them out, which can be pretty expensive.

In addition to setting a fixed price for your box listings, you might also consider auctioning them. Having a huge bale of new boxes sell for $1 is the last thing you want!

Local garage sales

Rather than buying the items you’re selling, many people attend yard sales just to see if they can buy the boxes they’re sitting in! If you’re planning a yard sale, why not have a few bales of boxes ready to go?

Likewise, you can check with neighbors planning yard sales to see if they need boxes to organize or store their items.


There is a possibility that businesses in your area may require boxes for shipping or storage. If you want to sell your box bundles to businesses, you can always check the phone book or drive around to see if any are interested.

Be sure to let them know if you plan to maintain a continuous supply of boxes. Become their number one box provider and they might offer you a deal!


Your area’s moving companies can be some of the best to contact. Smaller, family-owned moving companies may not be set up in the same way, as they typically supply their own boxes from factories. Maybe some of their weekly boxes can be purchased from you so that they can save some money.


There are many similarities between shipping companies. If your boxes aren’t accepted by large chains, such as UPS and similar companies, you may have better luck with smaller, more local shipping companies.


Pet rescue organizations and homeless shelters use boxes for storing supplies and moving people and animals. Do not expect them to pay as much as you could for the boxes you have. This is usually a nonprofit organization, so they don’t have a lot of cash to spend. You might not be able to get much money for some of your used boxes that aren’t in top shape, though, with these options.


It is almost impossible for schools not to make use of boxes, especially those with creative teachers who can turn boxes into toys, crafts, and learning materials. Besides storing sporting equipment, schools may also buy boxes to help with bake sales or clothing donations. For more information, you can contact the superintendent of your local school district or stop by individual schools. To inquire about private schools, you’ll have to call or visit them separately.


It is unlikely that you will find a cardboard recycling center near you, but you can certainly find a general recycling center that recycles cardboard along with other materials such as paper, glass, aluminum, etc.

Try to call up your local recycling centers. Paper, plastic, cans, and other materials are often recycled at recycling centers. These centers definitely recycle cardboard boxes.

You will be paid for recycling those boxes if you take them to recycling centers. You won’t get paid as much by these centers as you would by moving companies like UPS or other companies. Boxes may cost anywhere from 10 cents to a quarter.

Using the websites above to sell boxes to people looking to move or store them may be a better option. More money is likely to be paid to you. After you’ve figured out where these cardboard boxes can be found and where they can be resold, you can look for other avenues for recycling them.

Think creatively and come up with new ideas. Collecting and reselling more boxes will lead to more money in your pocket. You can earn some extra income by recycling cardboard boxes!

For finding and selling boxes, it all depends on the resources you have in your community.

How has this side gig been going for you? Comment below and let us know what you think.

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