What to Do With Used Watermelon Bins?

August 22, 2023

Turning Trash into Treasure: Creative Ways to Recycle Used Watermelon Bins


A delicious and refreshing summer treat, watermelons are enjoyed by many, especially on hot days. Watermelons are typically shipped in large bulky boxes you will see in the grocery store. These boxes are actually valuable and should not be simply thrown away. Why not recycle and repurpose these bins instead of discarding them as waste? The purpose of this article is to explore several innovative ideas for transforming used watermelon bins into useful and valuable items.


Sell Your Watermelon Bins


Many Box recycling and packaging companies will pay for used watermelon containers if they are in good condition and reusable. You can expect to get anywhere from $2-$5 a box. Most box recyclers prefer to buy in bulk and are looking to get about 400 boxes on a truckload. This is a great option for manufacturers or food producers generating thousands of boxes. 


Types of Companies that Buy Used Watermelon Boxes


Other Creative Ways to Reuse Watermelon Boxes


Gardening Containers


 It’s easy and practical to recycle watermelon bins as plant containers. Due to their design for holding watermelon, these bins are the perfect depth and size for growing plants. These bins can be transformed into herb gardens, flower pots, or even larger containers for vegetables like tomatoes and peppers by adding drainage holes to the bottom.


Composting Bins

Composting bins made from watermelon can also be repurposed. These bins can be easily modified to collect kitchen scraps and yard waste, which can then be turned into nutrient-rich compost for your garden by adding a lid and drilling holes for aeration.


Toy Storage


There is a tendency for kids’ toys to be scattered everywhere, causing clutter around the house. Organizing toys with watermelon bins can help keep things neat. With their sturdy construction, the bins can withstand the rough treatment toys often receive.


Stylish Shelving

 By painting watermelon bins, you can turn them into unique and eye-catching wall shelves. Create a visually appealing storage solution for books, decorative items, or even kitchen supplies by arranging the bins in various configurations and colors.


Pet Beds

You can turn watermelon bins into cozy pet beds if you have furry friends at home. For cats and small dogs, line the bins with soft cushions or blankets. This method will save you money on store-bought pet beds, as well as add a touch of DIY charm to your home.

 Picnic Hampers

An eco-friendly way to promote outdoor dining is to upcycle watermelon bins into picnic hampers. For your next picnic, clean and decorate the bins, then use them to carry sandwiches, snacks, and utensils. Bins with sturdy handles are easy to carry, and their deep compartments provide ample food storage.


 You can use watermelon bins to organize various spaces in your home. The bins can be used in the kitchen, garage, or craft room for storing everything from tools and supplies to pantry items. Make sure they are labeled so they can be identified and accessed easily.

Recycling Stations

Set up a recycling station in your home using watermelon bins. Organize each bin according to the type of recyclable material, such as paper, plastic, glass, and metal. By doing this, you are not only able to streamline your recycling efforts, but also keep the recycling area neat and tidy.

Outdoor Planters

Planters for trees or shrubs can be made from larger watermelon bins. The size and durability of these containers make them ideal for holding soil and growing plants that require more space.


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