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December 30, 2022

How to deal with excess gaylord boxes at your facility?


Gaylord boxes can be reused in several ways, depending on their condition and your needs. Here is an overview of your options:

  1. Reuse the boxes: If the boxes are in good condition and are still useful, you can reuse them. Using this method can be both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.
  2. Recycle the boxes. You can recycle the boxes if they are no longer usable. Cardboard boxes, such as Gaylord boxes, are accepted at many recycling facilities. You can find out if your local recycling facility accepts these boxes and how to recycle them by contacting them.
  3. Sell the boxes. You can try selling the boxes if they are still in good condition. Listed on online marketplaces or classifieds sites, or sold to businesses or individuals in your area, you can sell them online.
  4. Alternatively, you may be able to donate the boxes to a school or charitable organization if they are no longer needed.


Be sure to check your local regulations before disposing of or selling Gaylord boxes to see if there are any guidelines for handling these types of containers. To ensure the safety of people and the environment, Gaylord boxes are often used for storing and transporting hazardous materials.

used gaylord boxes

used gaylord boxes

Reuse Gaylord Boxes Internally

If at all possible, try to reuse Gaylord Boxes inside our facility as they are very expensive when purchased new. You should consider a gaylord box if you need a container to move or store large quantities of cargo. Pallet containers are the most common type of gaylord shipping boxes. The walls of these buildings are made from corrugated cardboard in layers that can range from two to six.

Often times these boxes are built to withstand multiple strips and can be reused many times before having to be removed and recycled.

Recycle Used Gaylord Boxes

Most cardboard and box recycling companies will provide free pick ups and removals of excess boxes. They will typically pay you for them as well. Below is a list of companies that recycle gaylord boxes for free.

Used Box Recycling

Your unwanted Gaylord boxes can be picked up for free by Used Box Recycling if you have an excess at your company. Whenever you have 25 or more Gaylord boxes, we will come to your location and remove them for no charge. UBR will schedule a truck and send it to your facility to pick up the boxes , load them, and then pay you.

We will accept standard size bulk bins that are typically around 48″ x 40″ x 40″ in size that are in any condition. In addition to recycling they also offer used gaylord boxes for sale nationwide.

ReUsed USA

ReUsed USA in a nationwide reusable packaging company that buys and sells used cardboard boxes, gaylords, IBC Totes, Pallets, Drums, and other types of industrial packaging.

Operating in all 50 states they are able to provide drop trailers and send trucks to pick up excess gaylord boxes nationwide. ReUsed USA also has a buy back program to ensure you are paid for any boxes in good condition.

Sell Used Gaylord Boxes

Whenever possible it is always your best bet to try and sell your used gaylord bins. If your boxes are in good condition you should have no problem finding someone to pay top dollar. Resale value can be anywhere from $2 – $12 depending on size, condition, and quantity.

Here are some places you can sell used gaylord boxes near you:

Online Marketplaces

Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist are great places to find gaylord buyers and sellers near you. On these platforms you can usually get more money per box than any recyclers are paying. This can be a good option if you have a few boxes and want to do a local pick up. Facebook also has groups dedicated to buying and selling recyclable materials.

Local companies

The boxes are widely used as shipping and storage containers. Almost every industry uses gaylord boxes because of their versatility. Different products and materials are often shipped, stored, or sorted as they move through the supply chain. It is known that these large, bulk containers can haul a lot of products or goods. That means that there is no shortage of buyers looking for cheap gaylord boxes

You can also buy the gaylord box for a low price. In spite of their lack of durability, they are still useful for storing and shipping a variety of goods. Because they’re so inexpensive, they’re perfect for storing and shipping low-cost items, like food, clothing, fabric, and plastics. Additionally, these boxes can be reused several times, reducing your overall shipping costs. To save even more, consider buying used gaylord boxes.

Here are some common business near you that buy and sell gaylord boxes

Food Manufacturers

When it comes to buying local produce and other food items, Gaylord boxes have become the face of the food and beverage industry. Fresh fruit and vegetables can be found in dozens of boxes at your local farmers market. Watermelon, cantaloupe, and large amounts of food are often shipped and stored in these containers.

Food and beverage manufacturers also use these containers. Raw materials, such as nuts, dry goods, and other materials, will often be shipped and stored in these containers.

The size of these containers makes them ideal for shipping large volumes of food and beverages from manufacturers to grocery stores and retailers. You are likely to see many items transported in Gaylord boxes the next time you visit your local supermarket.

Local manufacturing industry

Manufacturing industries have long used Gaylord boxes. Many raw materials may be transported and used during the manufacturing process. In almost any part of the facility, there is a gaylord box. They are suitable for storing clothing, fabric, tools, and supplies. These boxes will also be used to collect scraps left on the manufacturing floor. These boxes are easy to push around as employees clean up after each other.These containers can also be used for recycling by businesses of all sizes.

Non Profits and Charities

These containers are often used by charitable organizations and resellers as well. Transporting and storing large quantities of dry goods, such as food and clothing for the homeless, toys for children, and other dry goods, is easy and quick. Charitable organizations can keep their costs low by using these containers, which are some of the cheapest available.

Plastic Resin recyclers and Scrap Metal Companies

Plastics and scrap metal industries are perfectly suited to Gaylord boxes, so it is not surprising that they appear on this list. It is common for companies in this industry to specialize in turning one person’s trash into another person’s treasure. To make a profit, they collect and refine used or scrap materials. Again, sellers don’t have to worry about damaging their goods because their merchandise isn’t all that valuable.

Using gaylord boxes keeps non-similar items accessible, so buyers and employees can quickly sort through the lot until they find the exact part they need.

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