Used Gaylord Boxes vs New Gaylords (Buying and Selling Guide)

January 2, 2023

Should my company use new gaylord boxes or used?

Gaylord is a general industry name that describes any large corrugated pallet box originally used to describe bulk-size corrugated boxes. The most common types of gaylord containers are cardboard gaylords, plastic gaylords, and metal gaylords. Gaylord boxes can be used for bulk shipping or storage that are mounted on pallets, like many other trade terms that have become standard descriptors.

For consumers, produce is probably the most recognizable use, but they are used for a variety of other purposes as well. The box from which you purchased your watermelons at the grocery store is likely a Gaylord box. Other common names for this type of box are pallet containers, bulk boxes, pallet boxes, bulk bins, or tote boxes.

A New gaylord box can be anywhere from $25- $60 dollars, while used gaylords are typically $5-$12 depending on the condition and amount purchased. This can be a great option for a company that does not need a cardboard box that is in perfect condition.

Where to Buy Used Gaylord Boxes

The Gaylord Box recycling business is a large industry, a quick google search of “used gaylord boxes for sale near me” should help you find sellers in your local area. Used Box Recycling offers used cardboard boxes in all 50 states

In addition to being recyclable and returnable, bulk box solutions are also cost-effective. In the event that the corrugated box becomes unusable, it can be easily replaced. As well as being versatile, they are also cost-effective.

A previously used but still in good condition container can also save you money. As stable as a new Gaylord box, an old Gaylord box can provide just as much protection. It helps to consult an expert when making a purchase since there are many variations in size, style, condition, shape, and other features.

What are Gaylord Boxes Used for?

Often used for loose parts, pellets, powders, liquids, and waste, Gaylord boxes can handle everything from loose parts to granular materials. Using a pallet box is a good option for storing and shipping bulk materials that will be further processed or packaged. They can be used for storage and shipping when equipped with the proper accessories. The container can be reinforced with corrugated liners, the contents can be protected with plastic liners, and liquids can be sealed with inner bags with valves.

Recycling and waste materials can be collected and transported in large containers, but hazardous waste and dangerous goods must be handled with great care.Their multilayered corrugated cardboard construction ensures durability and support for their contents. To save space in your storage system, these bulk cardboard containers can be stacked. To avoid safety hazards, stack carefully and check the weight rating before loading.


What Companies use gaylord boxes?

Almost every business will tell you that gaylord boxes are the most cost-effective and useful containers they have ever used. Various businesses use Gaylord boxes for protection and containment because of their high quality cardboard construction. Here are some examples:

  • Various food products are often stored and transported in gaylord boxes by food manufacturing companies. Produce is transported from suppliers to various distribution points such as grocery stores and produce stores.

  • Gaylord boxes are commonly used by manufacturers to store and ship their finished products to distributors around the world. Clothing manufacturers benefit from gaylord boxes as they provide a lightweight, cost-effective way to package and ship large quantities of clothing.

  • Donations from a variety of sources are often accepted by non profits and the goodwill who use gaylord boxes. Both storage and shipping can be done with these large, cost-effective containers.

  • Gaylord boxes are used by the plastic and scrap metal industries for both collecting and storing products as well as shipping raw materials.

There are so many more to mention. Every industry across the globe relies on Gaylord boxes for storing and transporting large quantities of goods. By providing buyers with an opportunity to purchase used gaylord boxes at a discounted price from companies looking to offload extra containers and generate revenue, buying used makes these valuable containers even more cost-effective. Providing a win-win solution for all North American companies

5 Wall Gaylord Box

5 Wall Gaylord Box

What is the weight capacity of a Gaylord Box

Multiple wall thicknesses are available for Gaylord boxes, from a double wall to eight walls. There are three layers of wall construction, each made of fluted corrugated sheets glued between sections of cardboard. Box strength is determined by the number of layers.
Around 1,000 pounds can be stored in double- and triple-walled boxes. Heavy materials can be held by walls with four to five walls with a weight capacity of around 2,000 pounds.

How big are Gaylord boxes?

There are as many different sizes of Gaylord boxes as there are sizes of pallets. The typical measurements are 40 to 46 inches long, 35 to 48 inches wide, and 24 to 48 inches high. The shapes are also available in octagons and squares. Weight capacity is determined by a combination of variables.
It is possible to flatten some styles of Gaylord boxes or disassemble them into four parts. Glue and staples are not required for assembly.

Different Types of Used Boxes

It is important to note that the characteristics of Gaylord boxes often vary according to what is being shipped and its weight. There are some that ship flat; others that ship on pallets. Adding corrugated liners and using box reinforcement can help control overflow if your product tends to bulge when boxed. In terms of your product and transport requirements, you have a lot of options to consider.
If you are purchasing a used Gaylord box, you should consider how the box was used before it arrived at your facility. Knowing the origin of the used box can be helpful since some contents could remain in it from previous items. To prevent cross-contamination, you might use a plastic box liner.

Produce, for example, can be protected from moisture by bulk cardboard boxes with vent holes. If you want your products not to fall through the slots, you should consider how many and how large the vent holes are before making a purchase.

Full Flap Bottoms, Partial Flap Bottom, or Tray Bottoms

Full bottom flaps cover the entire bottom of the box, meaning they completely cover the bottom. There are partial bottom flaps when the bottom flaps do not quite meet. Order an optional slip sheet to convert a partial bottom flap to a full bottom flap.
There is a separate compartment for trays at the bottom of the tray. Pallet bottoms are assembled and placed on pallets once assembled. Final construction is then completed by slotting and locking the box sides together.

Full Flap Gaylord Box

Full Flap Gaylord Box

Dimensions and Sizes of Gaylord Boxes

In order to transport Gaylord boxes, they are available in a variety of sizes that are compatible with the dimensions of common pallets. There are most commonly 40-46 inch lengths, 35-48 inch widths, and 24 to 48 inch heights.
You may even see an octagonal shape occasionally, since there are as many manufacturers as varieties. The corrugated cardboard boxes can be recycled and reused lightly, while plastic and metal containers can be used repeatedly for years to come.

Various Wall Sizes – 2PLY, 3PLY, 4PLY, 5PLY


The walls of this adaptable cardboard storage box are available in different thicknesses, which makes it popular. There are two to eight layers of fluted corrugated sheets that are glued between sections of cardboard by manufacturers.

An approximate weight capacity can be determined by the size and thickness of the wall. It is usually possible to hold 1,000 pounds in boxes with double- or triple-thick walls. If the contents of the box are heavier, a plastic version that can hold as much as 2,000 pounds might be needed.
If you have lightweight cargo or are looking for a long-term storage solution, consider repurposing a used Gaylord box.

Options for customization


Depending on the product and transportation requirements, you have a variety of options. The popularity of Gaylord boxes comes from their ability to be customized according to the type and weight of the contents.
If your product bulges, like powder, pellets, or grains, you can reinforce the walls and floor with corrugated linings. When stored without environmental controls, contents can be protected from moisture damage by adding plastic liners.
A sealed plastic bag with a valve can even be ordered to contain and disperse liquids. It is even possible to outfit these useful workhorses to transport recycling or waste without them breaking down.
There are some Gaylord boxes that come preassembled and ready to use. Glue and staples are not necessary when flattened, as with a gift box.

Bottoms and tops boxes


There are several Gaylord boxes, including ones with lids and those with full bottoms, depending on the intended contents.
Small, dry cargo such as powders and pellets is securely held in place by full flaps along the bottom. A partial flap won’t fall out through a pallet if it needs extra ventilation, but it won’t fall through a full flap. When a slip sheet is added to a partial flap, it transforms into a full flap.
Boxes can be assembled on top of pallets, slotted into place and locked in place by slotting the tray bottoms into place.
No matter what kind of liquid or bulk material you are shipping or storing, Gaylord boxes can meet your needs.

Stackable and Reusable

Storage in warehouses can be made more efficient by stacking these heavy-duty boxes. For safety reasons, always verify weight capacity, lid strength, and floor strength before stacking.

Why to buy Used Gaylord Boxes – Buying Used Gaylords vs New

It’s also important to take note that used Gaylords can last just as long as their brand-new counterparts. If you store them properly in a dry place and take good care of them, they should last you for many years. If you buy used, don’t assume you’re going to get an old box that’s falling apart. There is a good chance that you will get just as much use out of it as you would with a new one.
Several websites, such as Used Box Recycling or ReUsed USA, offer great prices on Gaylord boxes. Their current inventory can be found on their page. A wanted ad can be posted if they don’t have the Gaylord you’re looking for so that dealers can get in touch when they have them.

Resin, scrap pieces, rags, and many other materials can be safely stored in Gaylord boxes. These cardboard boxes are sturdy, since they contain multiple layers of cardboard. Due to their stackability, they do not take up much space when stored. Gaylords can store and transport goods up to 1800 pounds, making them an excellent choice for transportation and storage. When shopping for Gaylords, consider buying used ones to save a little money. The majority of the time, you can find them at an excellent price from a company that is trying to clear out their excess.

Buying used Gaylord boxes has many advantages. Used boxes are much cheaper than new boxes, which is one of the top reasons for buying them. It is common to find used boxes that are just as high quality as brand new ones due to the fact that they are so durable and built to last Searching online or ask your local retail stores is a good way to find any used Gaylords for sale. With double walls and pre-cut handles, Gaylords are an excellent choice for transporting your items.
In addition to being more environmentally friendly, buying used Gaylords is more economical than always buying new. Purchasing used Gaylord boxes with years left in them will keep tons of cardboard out of landfills. Taking this step will help you become more environmentally friendly. A business that is environmentally conscious often wins over a business that isn’t. By doing this, you can help reduce the amount of waste going to landfills and do your part to save the environment.

You can also sell your Gaylord boxes on this website if you have a large amount sitting in your warehouse not being used. The company makes it easy for you to broker your boxes out to other companies who are interested in buying them. You can recoup some shipping costs and recycle no longer needed boxes to clear up inventory and recoup some of your shipping costs.

If you’re looking for used gaylord boxes, visit our Gaylord Boxes category to see what’s available!


Based on your product and transport needs, you have a number of options to choose from. In addition to being environmentally friendly, reusing Gaylord boxes is a smart business decision. A used one provides just as much stability as a brand new one, and they are cost-effective and versatile.
Check out the complete guide on how to get the most competitive prices for used gaylords. Check prices in different cities across the United States.\

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