Types of Bulk Containers (Common Sizes & Prices)

Bulk Boxes

September 14, 2023

Types of Bulk Boxes & Containers

A bulk cargo container or a Gaylord container is a large box that is used to transport products between multiple facilities, consolidate small loads or separate waste materials. Gaylord containers and bulk cargo boxes organize products during shipment. It is possible to load and unload them from a truck with a forklift. An open top on a container is covered by a lid, preventing spills and dirt from damaging the contents.

Gaylord Boxes


A Gaylord container is a large box with an outside measurement of 48″L x 40″W and varying heights. In addition to storing and organizing bulk loads, they also transfer large shipments between locations. The Gaylord container is typically used to collect recycling, trash, or debris at a facility.

Outside Size

Bulk Cargo Boxes


Large quantities of items can be stored and organized in bulk cargo containers. To match pallet sizes, they are measured with outside dimensions. Large boxes are used to consolidate and transfer shipments between locations. Commonly, they are used to collect garbage or recyclable materials in a facility or to pack bulk loads of similar products.

Outside Size
Inside Size
# of Walls
Board Test
Wall Thickness
Average Price

Air Cargo Boxes

In the course of air cargo transport, belongings are kept safe and protected in air cargo containers. IATA requirements for export shipments are met by these double-wall, kraft corrugated boxes. They are rated 51 ECT (edge crush test) as a heavy-duty standard.

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