Start Making Money off Your Used Gaylord Boxes Waste Stream

January 16, 2023

Get rid of your old Gaylord boxes by selling them to us!


Used Box Recycling buys large quantities of used Gaylord boxes anywhere in the United States. You will receive top dollar for used or damaged Gaylord boxes when you sell them to UBR.


What are the benefits of selling used Gaylord boxes to Used Box Recycling?

  • If you have an ongoing supply of Gaylord boxes, we can take them 100%
  • It’s easy to work with Used Box Recycling
  • Payments made on time and in a timely manner. This can be done in Cash, Check, or on NET 30 Credit Terms
  • We cover all freight costs and send our own trucks
  • All sizes of Gaylord boxes are accepted

A few of the styles we buy:

  • 48 x 40 x 40 Plastic Resin gaylords
  • Used Produce gaylords
  • Used HPT-41 Gaylord Boxes
  • Used Octagon gaylords
  • Rectangular gaylords
  • USed Bulk shipping gaylords


Contact us today and start selling your used gaylord boxes

We are interested in talking to you if you get raw materials in Gaylord boxes, totes or bins and would like to receive a competitive box rate instead of OCC scrap. In order to increase our supplier network of used Gaylord boxes, we are always looking for new suppliers.

Before you call, please provide us with the following information:

  • Take a picture of the boxes you have
  • Measure the outside dimensions of the box while it is still in its original state
  • Estimate how many units you will be able to produce on a monthly basis. You don’t need to worry if you say 10 or 10,000. We can handle any quantity you need.
  • In most cases, we can even drop a trailer at your facility so that you can load at your convenience because we have locations throughout the US.


Fill out a contact request to get started

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