How Recycle and Remove Gaylord Boxes?

used gaylord boxes

February 15, 2023

Gaylord Box Removal and Recycling

A Gaylord box is a large, heavy-duty cardboard box that is typically used to ship and store bulk goods, such as produce, textiles, and other goods. Gaylord boxes can be disposed of in several ways:

How to Store Gaylord Boxes in Your Faculty

One of the main reasons why companies need gaylord boxes out of their plant is because they have nowhere to put them. Often times ending up with a bile of cardboard behind the warehouse. This causes a headache for EHS mangers and warehouse mangers. The best way to store a gaylord box is to band 25-50 of them to a wooden pallet. After that the boxes can be easily loaded into a semi-truck and removed.

Bulk Boxes can be reused Internally


You can reuse the boxes if they are still in good condition for shipping or storage. To reduce packaging waste and save money on new boxes, many companies repurpose Gaylord boxes, especially in manufacturing and distribution.

Recycle Used Gaylord Boxes


The boxes can be recycled if they are no longer useful. Several recycling centers accept Gaylord boxes, so check with your local center. Before recycling the boxes, some recycling centers require you to break them down.

Some may require gaylord boxes to be baled with 25 per pallet. This allowes a cardboard box recycler to send a truck that can be loaded with up to 500 used gaylord boxes per pick up

Sell or Donate Boxes


Most corrugated box manufacturers will buy used gaylord boxes as long as they are in acceptable condition. You can expect to get anywhere from $2-$10 per box depending on size and condition. Gaylord boxes may be sold to other businesses if you have a large quantity. Alternatively, you could donate them to local charities, schools, or community organizations.


In addition to building raised gardens, making storage bins, and creating furniture, Gaylord boxes can be repurposed. There are many creative ways to repurpose these boxes that you can find online.

It is important to consider the environmental impact of your actions when disposing of your used Gaylord boxes, and choose the option that will have the least impact on the environment. Recycling these boxes can also provide a nice little revenue stream for your waste.

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