How Much Do Gaylord Boxes Cost?

August 10, 2023

Bulk Boxes & Gaylord Box Prices

Bulk Boxes which are also known as gaylord boxes are predominately used for shipping large amounts of industrial goods. The price of these boxes can change depending on the type of box, the condition, and where you are located.


What are the different types of gaylord boxes in the US

Gaylord boxes can be categorized by the shape or the amount of walls they have. Typically a gaylord box will be square or octagon shapes. The PLY or thickness of the wall can be anywhere from 2 layers of cardboard up to 6. These boxes will come in a variety of sizes but most are around 48″ x 40″ x 41″.


How Much do Gaylord Boxes Cost?

For a Used Gaylord you can expert to pay anywhere from $4-$10 per box. When it comes to new boxes they are increasing more expensive  and c an be anywhere from, $25 to $60 per box. Most of the time it is best to order in bulk to try to get the cost per box down. For smaller orders of gaylords expect to pay a premium price.


How Many Gaylord Boxes Fit on Truck?

For standard size boxes you can typically get 400-600 boxes on a semi truck. With smaller boxes you can easily fit up to 900


How Many Gaylord Boxes fit on a Pallet

Gaylords are most commonly stored on top of pallets. Typically you put 25 boxes banded down on a pallet. Then they can be stacked 2 high on most freight trucks.



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