Gaylord Box Sizes and Types

December 17, 2022

What Is a Gaylord Box?

“Gaylord box” refers to many large cardboard containers used in the shipping industry. Gaylord boxes are bulk-sized corrugated containers. In a single container, you can store or ship a pallet’s worth of product. Their size allows them to fit neatly on top of standard pallets. Gaylord boxes were originally manufactured by Gaylord Container Company in North America. Currently, the term refers to bulk boxes of pallet size.

Other names for Gaylord Boxes include

  • Produce container
  • Jumbo box.
  • Bulk Box
  • Pallet box
  • Skid box
  • Bulk bin
  • Bulk cargo container.
  • Heavy-duty box.
  • tote.
  • Pallet container
  • Octabin

These terms all refer to a large, lightweight cardboard container that’s heavy-duty.

In addition to being used for many purposes, Gaylord boxes have many different uses. Warehouses and transportation companies rely on them a lot. At your local grocery store, you can also find them filled with produce. Some boxes are octagonal, while most are rectangular. It is possible to purchase them with or without lids. Due to their corrugated cardboard construction, they are resistant to tearing, splitting, and bursting. In spite of this, the material isn’t very durable and is usually meant for single-use only.

What is the size of a Gaylord box?

Gaylord boxes are bulk-sized boxes that come in a variety of sizes. Generally, they fit on top of pallets. There are several types of Gaylord boxes, including:

48″ x 40″ x 40” Standard Size Gaylords

The standard size of a gaylord box is 48 x 40 x 40″. Three to five walls are usually found in these octagonal structures. Depending on how the boxes are palletized, 500-550 can fit on a single trailer. There is a large carrying capacity for the four-wall and five-wall 48″x40″x36″ gaylords, which have a weight capacity ranging between 4,000 and 5,000 pounds. A significant benefit of this style of box is its identical dimensions to the standard pallet size, which allows them to be double stacked when full. These are perfect for recycling metals, plastics, and electronics. Gaylord boxes can also be bound to pallets, which is another popular feature. A user can reuse the box multiple times if he or she staples or glues it to the pallet. Depending on the condition of the box, this particular box has one of the highest resale values, averaging between $7 and $12 per box.

40 x 40 x 40″ Pallet Container

Weight and carrying capacity of the 40″x40″x40″ gaylord box are similar to those of the 48″x40″x36″ gaylord box. They are usually rectangular or octagonal in shape and have four to five walls. In the event that you do encounter a double-walled, trey bottom 40″x40″x40″ gaylord, it will typically be double walled and tray bottomed. Octagonal 40″x40″x40″ gaylords with four and five walls have the highest weight capacity, and can easily be double stacked.

Stacking the 40″x40″x40″ boxes on a 48″x40″ pallet or a 42″x42″ pallet is the best thing about these boxes. These boxes can be easily loaded with 3,000 pounds and double stacked in a trailer when using four or five wall boxes. This box type has proven to be one of the most popular options for many users due to its versatility.

40 x 30 x 30” Gaylord Boxes

In terms of dimensions, 40″x 30″x 30″ can be quite a mixed bag. In addition to rectangular and octagonal shapes, they have two to five walls. Although the weight capacity of these boxes varies depending on their shape and number of walls, they all carry the same amount of weight. Their smaller size makes them ideal for carrying lighter loads than the 48″x40″x36″ gaylord boxes. A 40″ x 30″ x 30″ box usually has four walls, and is capable of holding 1,200-1,500 pounds. It is advantageous to stack a box of this size evenly on a 48″x40″ pallet, since it fits evenly on the pallet.

36 x 36 x 36” Small Gaylord Boxes

There are several sizes of gaylords available, but 36″x36″x36″ is one of the smallest. There are usually three or four walls in these boxes, and they are rectangular in shape. In comparison to the standard four- and five-wall octagonal 45″x40″x36″ gaylord boxes, these boxes are much smaller in size and have a smaller weight and carrying capacity. Most of these boxes can hold 1,000-1,200 pounds of weight.

Despite the smaller carrying capacity and weight capacity of the rectangular 36″x36″x36″ gaylord boxes, there are some notable advantages. The first and most obvious advantage is that 53′ trailers can accommodate significantly more of them. You can fit 750-800 of these boxes on a truck (depending on how they are palletized) instead of 400-500 standard gaylord boxes. Additionally, this style of box is usually (but not always) listed at a lower price per unit.

D container – 58 x 42 x 45

Gaylord boxes with D containers have internal dimensions of 58 inches by 42 inches by 45 inches. On the outside, they appear larger due to their thick corrugated sides.

E container:

Bulk bins in an E container are smaller than those in a D container. The internal dimensions of these containers are 41 and 1/4 inches by 28 and 1/4 inches by 24 and 1/4 inches.


Standard Gaylord Size

There are two standard sizes of Gaylord boxes. The standard size measures 48 inches by 40 inches by 36 inches. Another typical Gaylord size is 40 inches by 40 inches by 40 inches. A pallet container of this size fits on a standard pallet measuring 40 inches by 40 inches or a pallet measuring 48 inches by 40 inches.

Small Gaylord:

For specific applications, Gaylord boxes can also be made in smaller sizes. Smaller sizes range from 40x30x30 inches to 36×36 inches.

In addition to Gaylord containers’ measurements, their walls vary in thickness as well. For lighter-duty applications, single-wall boxes are ideal. Metal scrap and other heavy materials can be contained in Gaylord boxes with four or five layers.

Gaylord Box Size Guide

Popular Pallet Box Sizes

  • 36″ x 36″ 36″
  • 48 x 40 x 40″
  • 48 x 45 x 40″
  • 45 x 45 x 40″
  • 45 x 42 x 40″
  • 48 x 40 x 41″
  • 48 x 40 x 38″
  • 48 x 40 x 36”
  • 48 x 40 x 30″


In addition to plastic totes and super sacks, Gaylord boxes come in many shapes and sizes. Once their purpose has been fulfilled, they are cheap, light weight, and much easier to dispose of. It is common for people to think gaylord boxes are a one-time use item, but they have a remarkable half life and can be bought and sold many times.

Weight Capacity of Gaylord Boxes

It’s essential to consider a Gaylord box’s capacity in addition to its size. In general, a larger box can support more weight. It is important to note that the construction of the box as well as the number of layers affect its strength. There are different capacities for Gaylord containers, with some holding up to 1,200 pounds, while others can handle more or less.

There may be a range of 4,000 to 5,000 pounds of weight capacity in standard pallet boxes measuring 48 inches by 40 inches by 36 inches. Approximately 3,000 pounds can be stored in 40-inch cubes and octagonal boxes. Different weight capacities can also be accommodated by smaller Gaylord boxes. Approximately 1,200 to 1,500 pounds can be stuffed into 40-inch by 30-inch by 30-inch containers, while 1,000 to 1,200 pounds can be stuffed into 36-inch square containers. The exact weight capacity of a Gaylord box depends on its dimensions, the number of wall layers, and the specifications of the manufacturer.

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