5 Wall Corrugated Gaylord Boxes Wholesale for Bulk Shipping

June 11, 2022

Best Type of Boxes for Wholesale Shipping?

Used Shipping boxes are available in various sizes, shapes, and dimensions. This includes a standard square or octagonal corrugated cardboard box. These boxes range in wall thickness and weight capacity 

Most Common Types of Used Boxes 

Used Gaylord Boxes

Used Gaylord Boxes are also referred to as “Gaylords”. Sometimes referred to as a pallet box or a large bulk bin. Bulk bin cardboard boxes are used for recycled material in the plastics industry, agricultural, and food manufacturing industries. Used Gaylords are typically palletized 20 to 25 boxes per pallet. Boxes come in single-wall, double-wall, triple-wall, 4ply and 5ply thicknesses.

Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

All major couriers accept used cardboard boxes for shipments, which makes them a great option for bulk shipment. Cardboard boxes are excellent containers for most fragile items. They can be found in many shapes, including squares, octagons, and even triangular.

Custom Boxes and Specialized Moving Boxes

Custom Designed Boxes – You can also choose a box with your company logo and your brand identity. You can have custom boxes made in a specific size to match your product’s exact needs. Although these will certainly be the most expensive option 

Specialized Moving Box – Specialized moving boxes are made specifically for a particular product.

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